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Bonus Topics as spirit guides her. Value: $597

Total Value: $4,591

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November Topic: Gratitude, the shadow aspect will be clearing out resentment so we can hold the vibration of gratitude and manifest attract better

December Theme: Abundance

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Dr. Lauren Pichard is the creator of Ascension Psychology, a unique psychological approach that blends traditional psychology with spiritual concepts and energy healing.

Ascension Psychology was designed from Dr. Lauren's extensive experience working with both patients and on her own self empowerment journey.

She has a doctorate in clinical psychology, has over 21 years of experience as a healer, and has trained in 9 different mystery schools of healing.

She has designed Ascension Psychology and the Sacred Soul Health Community to bring you the best of the best from everything that she has learned.

She has integrated methods that she has found to be the most effective in lasting change, that is how she works on healing the conscious, unconscious, physical and spiritual levels that are contributing to your psychological discomfort.