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The Secret to Finding a Life of Fulfillment and Joy is Right Here!

Discover how to remove the hurdles that are preventing you from jumping into your purpose without tripping, falling or skinning your knees.

On June 25 at 1PM Central, Experience the 5-step proven process that has served in the transformation of many, from ineffectiveness to influencer. (Remember, Remove, Revive, Reinvent, Repeat.)

During the event you will:


Discover how to move from point A - where you're at, to point B - which is everything that is beyond where you're at now.


Find out what lives directly beyond fear, trauma and brokenness, because there is always a blessing that is born into the process of becoming whenever we experience trauma.


Discover the internal treasure map that has always been at your disposal, from the moment of your conception, "the keeper of clues" that will guide you directly to your greatest self and your fondest dreams.

Get the keys to living the life of your dreams...

Learn how to harness the power within each life lesson and then transfer the same power to others who are seeking true purpose within their lives

Walk away with the keys to open every door that was ever been dead bolted, thereby barring you from entry. Collect the combination to every vault that contains your birthright, your gifts and your blessings.

About Loren Michaels Harris

Do you ever wonder if there is something out there that can help you become the best version of yourself?

Well, this is for those who have always felt they were meant to be more and that right before their fingers touched greatness, it would elude them.

Loren's story is one of triumph and tragedy, but it's also a story of hope. It’s the story of how he found his superpower in the midst of trauma and pain, and used that power to create a better life for himself.

Now he helps others do the same thing by teaching them how they can use their own stories to find their own superpowers so they can live lives full of meaning and joy instead of just surviving from day-to-day.

Loren Michaels Harris is the voice in your head throughout this entire journey to greatness. He will guide you to that brighter future that you've always dreamed about, and when you get there together, you will look back on this moment and know that your Journey started right now!

If you want to find your purpose...